ITA views its clients as life-time strategic partners and delivers its services with the highest accuracy and deepest understanding of its clients’ needs, demands and wishes.

Our corporate governance policy and internal audit mechanisms continuously assure that all our team members act with integrity, exercise due care and confidentiality while abiding by the highest ethical standards.

With an insight-oriented, reassuring and collaborative approach, we internalize the goals of our business partners and, at all times and levels throughout our organization, undertake to act in their best interest in a responsive and timely manner.

All our clients are our first priority. They are assured to benefit from our state-of-the art services facilitated by partner involvement, either directly or through periodic and diligent supervisory oversight of qualified and competent expert ITA team members.

Our vision is to carry the torch of socially responsible and trusted long-term client relationships, enriched through sustainable excellence, rooted in dedication to our mandates.


ITA Advisory, with its sustainable business ethics, provides legal and advisory services to its local and multinational corporate clients with its highly competent team of partners, counsels, CPA’s and support staff.

We provide compliance and other business advisory services to our clients. Please refer to “practice areas” for a detailed portfolio of our service offerings.

We are committed to achieving our clients’ goals and needs in a responsive and perfectionistic manner. To that end, we draw on, both, our superior legal expertise and our strong business acumen, as well as our trusted network of sectoral experts.

The ITA team supported with highly skilled and specialized academicians, consultants, CPA's and industry experts cater to a broad range of clientele both in-house and at site.

Each ITA team member, from senior partner to associate-level, serves our clients with utmost dedication to form long-lasting and success-oriented partnerships, based on mutual trust.

Our solid background in legal, tax and financial services coupled with our highly effective internal delegation of duties processes, enable us to set up the most efficient work teams and offer tailor-sized solutions for our clients, swiftly and diligently.


For specific requests you can also reach us at either one of our locations.